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How to Reframe Your Stress Story


Health Coach Sophie Piso offers a simple technique to help you reframe life’s stresses when times get tough.

The “reframing” technique is about reclaiming your thoughts when you are under emotional stress and rebranding them as something positive. Here’s what to do.


When you’re in a stressful situation, take a minute to pause. If your mind is racing, stop and bring yourself back to the present. Take notice of your thoughts and take a minute to process them. 

Ask yourself these 3 questions:
  • Is this a situation I have faced and overcome before?

  • Do I have the tools to handle this stressful situation?

  • Is this situation dangerous and can I cope with it?

More often than not, you will find that although it’s a worrisome event, you’ve overcome something similar before. 


What words are you currently using to communicate your problem to yourself? They’re most probably negative, harsh words. Try rephrasing to more positive language. 

  • Are you overwhelmed or are you being challenged

  • Are you busy or are you being productive?

  • Are you stressed or excited?


If your head is whirling, try writing down your thoughts. Journaling can be a highly effective technique for exploring your feelings, and finding potential solutions. The simple act of writing down your thoughts can make them easier to handle. 


If your mind is reeling, try discussing the stresses you are feeling with a friend or partner. Saying your problem out loud and talking through your coping mechanisms with a trusted confidant can help. Remember to try to use the positive language when you have these discussions.

  • Learn to acknowledge and process stressful situations

  • Check-in and see if you have tools to cope

  • Switch your vocabulary from negative to positive  

  • Speak to a friend or journal

Sophie Piso, Health Coach

Sophie is a certified nutritionist and health coach. Her mission is to have a profound impact on peoples' health and happiness. To educate, but most of all empower people to take full responsibility over their health so they can live life to the absolute fullest.