This is a call out to the nano-influencers and the nutritionally aware. To the macro-influencers, the experts, the enthusiasts. An invitation to the coaches and content creators; the KÄLLA Ambassador Program is looking for you.

Becoming an Ambassador is not about follower numbers or perfectly curated feeds, it’s about shared values. A mutual belief that caring for your gut is an essential part of caring for your overall health. And that you and your community deserve better.

Better solutions, better ingredients, better experiences.


01. EARN 20%

As a KÄLLA Ambassador, you can earn 20% on your successful recommendations. You're able to use your commission to pay for products, or transfer it directly to your bank account. You’ll also be able to give first-time customers discounts, whilst earning discounts for yourself.


When you become a KÄLLA Ambassador, you'll get access to events hosted by our resident experts and exclusive trainings in wellbeing and gut health. You’ll be the first to try-out new product launches and limited editions. And be invited to take part in exciting collabs with other brands.


Think of the Lab as your co-working space. Here, we'll set you up with your personalised link and an ecosystem of tools that help you upgrade your content. You’ll be able to view your results in real-time via your bespoke reporting dashboards, which you can customise to meet your goals.

If you’d like to apply to become a KÄLLA Ambassador and discover unique training materials, unlock digital tools and earn on your recommendations, APPLY HERE. You don’t need thousands of followers, just a passion for gut health and our products.

It's free to join the KÄLLA Ambassador Program.

When you become a KÄLLA Ambassador you earn 20% on all your successful recommendations, which you can transfer to your bank account or use to pay for KÄLLA products.

In addition to earning 20% on all your successful recommendations, you’ll access the KÄLLA LAB where you'll find all of your digital tools, as well as personalised reporting so you can track your success. You’ll also unlock training materials and be invited to digital events.